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What is a Norn ?

According to the Webster Dictionary, a Norn is one of 3 Norse Goddesses of fate. Norn Male
  • URD, who represents the past.
  • VERTHANDE, who represents the present.
  • SKULD, who represents the future.
The Norns control the ORLOG (force) of all things, including the gods.
Well, now that is said, it seems the internet has used the name Norn and adapted it to it's own use.

The internet has spawned it's own version of the Tomigothi, Giga-Pet, and other vitual pets and called it... NORN!

Norn Male Norn egg Just as with the hand held virtual pets, you'll have to raise, teach, breed and love computer pets that are really alive. They're so alive that if you don't take care of them, they'll die. Creatures features the most advanced, Norn Male genuine Artificial Life software ever developed in a commercial product, technology that has blown the imaginations of scientists world-wide. If you haven't owned Creatures, you should. This is a look into the future where new species of life emerge from ordinary home and office PCs.

Here are a few sites that cover this new trend in virtual pc pets

The Hatchery


Norn's Etc...

Creature Emporium

Happy Parenting !!

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